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sample web design requirement

Hello and thank you for considering bidding on this job. Be advised that this is a serious tender and that work will be awarded.

I have a suite of florist websites currently that I need to replace.

I need complete code and database installed and configured for a suite of e-commerce sites to sell Flowers using the same database. Separate database is ok if it is populated using the inputs from a lead control panel.

In addition to common features, a few additional order management features are also required. The site must go close to passing validation (below 50 warnings) and should be SEO friendly.
An auto script to make dynamic pages static with descriptive text is required

In terms of layout and function, I am looking for something like a combination of and

The home page layout and functions should be like ftd however the product review/order process should look and operate like 1800flowers.

  • The list below is not exhaustive. Reference to ftd, 1800flowers and and it will make it clear.
    • Accept Order
    • Process order.
    • Send email confirmation to customer and my own email address
    • Route order to florist shop via
      • Email (the email should have a link that allows acceptance or rejection of order….
        • Possibly by Returning florist to our site (login page that pre-enters their member number) where they enter password to login and reject or accept the order.
        • If the order is rejected or not accepted with 2 hours then it is to be reallocated to another florist.
          • If reallocated, the original florist is to receive an email advising that the order was reallocated and has been cancelled.
·         Ability to manually accept or reject via control panel is also required)

      • and/or fax (like protofax) Assume faxed orders are always accepted unless rejected via control panel or florist login. (on rejection, the order is re-allocated) and a fax is sent to the original florist advising them that the order was cancelled and re-allocated.
        • All routed orders must be reduced in price by an administration fee and a selling commission able to be calculated either as a percentage or fixed amount. (set these in control panel)

  • Shopping Cart.
    • Allow the adding of shipping cost (call them “Delivery Fee”) based upon postcode.  Depending on which florist is selected.
      • If the postcode is within any florist (A) Local Area, then add (A) shipping, (note the areas are explained below)
      • If the postcode is within any florist (B) extended area then add (B) shipping
      • If the postcode is within any florist C area then add C shipping cost
      • If the postcode is not included in any florists A, B or C area then advise purchaser to telephone 1800 137673 to discuss delivery options.
      • A full database of postodes is required.
    • Accept Quantity and have ability to remove item.
    • Store message to attach with shipment.
  • Communication payment gateway to Paypal and my St George bank (Australia) API payment gateway.
  • Customer should be able to login and see their info and (check order status (this function should be able to be disabled).
  • Should be able to edit Main and Sub categories on front page tags. (vertical only).
  • Site map
  • Affiliate code . third party code to be placed on payment confirmation page.
  • Login for users to track order status.
    • Login allows members to receive discounts
      • 4 membership levels
        • Member
        • Gold member
        • Platinum Member
        • Corporate Member
      • With each receiving various discounts able to be set and varied at control panel. Calculation would be to deduct shipping cost, then deduct applicable discount then add back shipping.
  • Login for florist shop to accept/reject order and update order delivery status.
    • If they make a comment, this should be saved and sent via email to admin email address.
Shops should be able to login and also be able to order and send flowers for allocation to other florists at a reduced price.
Calculation would be to deduct shipping cost, then deduct 30% (able to change this from control panel) then add back shipping cost.

Engine should have:
  • Database
    • Save Item Number, Name, Description, Picture1, Picture2, Price, Add, Cost, Category, and Type), which will be used by the site.
    • Save City, Code, Postcode Shipping, and E-mail which will be used to route the order to shops.
    • Save customer info, shop info, order info, and status.
      • If Login is from customer then tracking info to show including the florist name and phone number.and delivery status
      • If Login is from shop then show outstanding orders for rejection or acceptance; delivery status update input. ..and database search of orders sold and provided/received by them shown over selected date range.
When florists join up they must complete the following fields
Password: Minimum 6 characters including at least 1 digit
Florist Name
Florist Address
Phone 1
Phone 2


Credit card fields, type, name, number, expiry, ccv
(cards are optional fields, though if they put in detail here, when they login to make an order, the card should be pre-filled. If they don’t fill it in, then only the other details being sender details should be filled in)

Register as (radio buttons)
            Place orders Only
            Receive Orders Only
            Place and Receive Orders
If the florist is a service provider and receives orders then specify postcodes that they service. 3 classifications

(A)                 (B)                              (C)
Local Area      Extended Area                        Wider Metro
Minimum 3      no minimum                Yes or No button
No maximum  No maximum

Operating Days

Weekdays       Yes      No
Saturday          Yes      No
Sunday            Yes      No
Public Holidays           Yes      No

Comment Field

Submit (on submit, they are allocated a membership number which is shown on screen) They receive an email advising them that their application has been received, and that we will respond shortly. Show Referance Number (member number)

We then get to choose to accept or reject membership request from control panel settings.

Send email on processing membership, advising of acceptance or rejection, detailing their  membership number and login and order procedure.

From the control panel, I have some other inputs to apply to florists.

For service providers (those that receive orders), we can grade them as Active or Suspended.

All are pre-selected as Active as default

When an order comes in the system must randomly select an active florist from A list for particular postcodes. If that florist rejects the order or if they don’t accept it within 2 hours it goes to the next A list florist until there are none, then it goes to B list. If all B list have been tried it goes to a randomly selected Wider Metro Florist (C list).

Of course, the system would need to check that the florist is open for delivery on the day specified. I.e./Sunday
We would need to also have certain dates able to overide the florist selection regarding day open. E.g./ Christmas day may be on a weekday, though we would set this as all florists closed. Also, we would set all florists open on Sunday mother’s day and for other days like valentine’s day that fall on a Sunday.

All products added to the database are automatically added to all receiver florists available inventory, however the ability to remove the product from the particular florist inventory is required.
Eg, they might provide basket but not fruit basket.

So, in summary. When an order comes in for a particular product, the system Searches for open, active (not suspended) provider/receiver florists with the postcode in the A Local area that has that product in their inventory. Then randomly allocates. If none, Then moves to B postcodes, then C postcodes and if none available advises the purchaser that the product is not available in that area, and requests them to select from a page of other products available. If no products are available, they are advised that we do not deliver to that location.

look first for all florists with the product in inventory,
then look for florist open on the requested delivery day,
then look for A area
or if none B
or if none C

Allocate to florist
or if none providing the product in the area, show purchaser a page with items that can be delivered to the area. And then repeat the process  when they select a new product.

If no products are available tell them we cant deliver to postcode area xxxx (Ringwood)

Delivery Time
Also prior to the purchaser confirming the order, we need to be able to advise them when the order will be delivered.
If the order will go to an Area A florist, then we can accept the order as late as 2.00pm for same day delivery on weekdays or 12 noon on saturday or Sunday

If the order will go to an Area B florist, then we can accept the order as late as mid-day on weekdays and 11 am on Saturday or Sunday.

If the order will go to an Area C florist then we can accept the order as late as 10 am on any day.

If it has come in too late for delivery same day, then the system tests for next day delivery and then the following day and then the following day up to 4 days. This is required due to holiday, weekend hours etc.

I need to be able to adjust the times in the control panel.
I also need to be able to turn off all new orders for delivery on a certain day at any time.
Eg. On valentines day, we may wish to terminate taking new orders at even though it is a weekday.

Developers with examples of relevant e-commerce sites will have advantage.

Slight variations are considered if functionality remains the same.

Also, as a suite of sites will operate.. Require that products can be added to the different sites at the control panel with different prices possible for the different sites.

Some products will be available for delivery overseas so purchasers should be able to select country from drop down menu. All overseas orders will be allocated to Head Office Florist

The website should include the following sections:

  1. Front Page (Page 1 - Required)
    1. Header (should be dynamic link back to home page)
                                                              i.      Phone Numbers
                                                            ii.      Logo
                                                          iii.      Search Bar
                                                          iv.      Account Login
    1. Top Bar (no particular order)
                                                              i.      Home
                                                            ii.      About Us
                                                          iii.      Contact Us
                                                          iv.      Delivery Information
                                                            v.      Our Guarantee
                                                          vi.      Privacy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions (see Cicek)
                                                        vii.      Best Sellers and Specials
                                                      viii.      Flower Care
    1. Side Bar
                                                              i.      Occasions
1.      All Occasions
2.      Birthday
3.      Romance
4.      Anniversary
5.      New Baby
6.      Funeral
7.      Weddings
8.      Congratulations
9.      Thankyou
10.  Get well.
                                                            ii.      Price Range
1.      $40-$59
2.      $60-$79
3.      $80-$109
4.      $110 plus
                                                          iii.      Arrangements
1.      Bouquet
2.      Baskets
3.      Plants
                                                          iv.      Variety
1.      Roses
2.      Gerberas
3.      Lilies
4.      tulips
                                                            v.      Site Info.
1.      Flower Care
2.      Etc. etc.
    1. Center Page
                                                              i.      I large image like
                                                            ii.      4 Boxes below
                                                          iii.      4 boxes below them
                                                          iv.      Selected product includes:
1.      Flower Name
2.      Flower Picture
3.      Item Number
4.      Flower Description
5.      Flower Price (Small-Default, Medium, and Large)
6.      Zoom-In button.
7.      Purchase/Details button.
    1. Bottom Bar
                                                              i.      Privacy and Security
                                                            ii.      Delivery Information
                                                          iii.      Contact Us
                                                          iv.      About Us
                                                            v.      Home
                                                          vi.      Our Guarantee
                                                        vii.      Privacy, Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions (see
  1. Product Detail Page. (Page 2 - Required)
  2. Contact Us (Page 3 – Required)
  3. About Us (Page 4 - Required)
  4. Account Information and order tracking. (Page 5 – Required)
    1. If user is not a shop.
                                                              i.      If there is no active orders then the bottom half (tracking) will be empty
    1. If user is a shop then outstanding order status.
                                                              i.      To Be Delivered.
                                                            ii.      Delivered.
                                                          iii.      Returned.
  1. Shopping Cart, Payment, and Confirmation. (Page 6, 7, and 8)
    1. The Shopping Cart is combined with Checkout and Order Review and should contain:
                                                              i.      Quantity
                                                            ii.      Selectable City to Ship. (adds shipping cost on the spot)
                                                          iii.      Message to attach to flower for sender.
                                                          iv.      Item Charge, Shipping, Total Charge
                                                            v.      Remove Icon (X)
                                                          vi.      Username(Email) and Password.
    1. Show Step #1, Step #2, and Step #3 of the process.
  1. Other Requirements
    1. SSL Secure ( I will have a specific URL with shared SSL for all sites)
    2. Do multiple currencies which are update automatically.
    3. Allow currency exchange rates.
    4. Add language selection to at least one other language

Support for 12 months.

Note that the code must be fast, Choose or php
Your choice of db
Make sure sufficient connections can be made for high volume times.


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